Life Jacket

The soft and comfortable O’Neill Superlite flotation vest features closed cell PVC marine foam for optimal buoyancy while minimizing bulk, as well as a durable coated nylon shell that will hold up to years of heavy outdoor use. Quick release buckles make for easy on-and-off, and the vest is United States Coast Guard (USCG) certified.

O’Neill wetsuits include a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

About Hardcore Watersprorts
Back in1952, Jack O’Neill opened the first Surf Shop in a garage. He shaped balsa surfboards and sold accessories like paraffin wax and vests he started gluing together from neoprene. When the vests started selling, Jack decided to go into the wetsuit business, and the Surf Shop became a local gathering place. Soon surfers were riding more waves, and riding them better, in large measure because they could enjoy longer sessions in cold water in their new neoprene suits.

Surfers’ territories expanded — Northern California became a year-round surf zone, and people were surfing New Hampshire and Rhode Island in January. Explorations and transplants to surf culture opened up Oregon, Washington, and Canada. O’Neill eventually relocated to a large manufacturing facility, and his surf shop has morphed into an international company, leading the world’s wetsuit market and innovating beach lifestyle sportswear in the US, Japan, and Europe.